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Have you ever wondered why some physiques look so much better than others regardless of how many years someone has been training? Have you wondered how fitness models, actors, or physique competitors create a much more aesthetically pleasing build than the rest? The key is to have a strong  focus on what muscles you are building with proper fundamentals of training and diet. This is what truly creates a next level physique. will you give you the knowledge to transform your physique into your ideal aesthetic and ultimately transform your life! 


Articles are put up weekly to help get you one step closer to a lean, proportioned physique. Our goal is to guide you in the process to creating to your ideal physique.

Natural Approach to Training

We provide information for the natural lifter. With proper knowledge of training, you can create an amazing physique naturally!

Research and Experience-Based

Our articles are research-based and experienced-based. Bro science and real science have a place, lets make sense of it all!

Who’s Behind Focus Physique?

Hi! My name is Brennen Elboeck. I’m a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and the founder of! I haven’t always looked this way or had the same drive I do today. As a matter of fact, I used to be a chronic skinny guy with no motivation and a very unsuccessful mindset!

Throughout years of training I have built a strong, lean, and balanced physique. Better yet, I have done this completely naturally while training only three days a week. Yes. . . seriously. . . just three days a week.

I even made the choice based on my goals to not use a single supplement. For now I’ve remained supplement free.

If we back up to my pre-fitness days, I absolutely didn’t care about my health or personal growth. I made terrible decisions, hung out with the wrong crowd, and had no vision for my personal growth or what I wanted out of my life.

It was at this point that I had put myself into a dark place. I was angry at the world and didn’t know who I was. Thankfully, good people, my amazing parents, and fitness put me on a path to a better life.

Seeing the progress I made in my physical appearance, along with feeling healthy and fit completely transformed my life. Seeing this move forward in the physical aspect of my life, provided a platform for me to build off and transform the other areas of my life that needed help.

Seeing how fitness changed my life instilled a deep passion for fitness within myself. The ability fitness has to better one’s life is what drives me everyday.

Brennen Elboeck

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