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How to Bring up Lagging Body Parts

When it comes to physique building, all around muscle development with the combination of symmetry and proper proportions makes for a powerful looking physique! Throughout your journey to build an aesthetic physique, you’ll discover that you have a lagging body part. Lagging body parts are muscle groups that are not as developed as others. This…

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Brennen Elboeck

5 Advanced Training Techniques for Maximum Muscle Gain!

In bodybuilding, there are many tools in the toolbox to pull from for advancing muscle growth! These advanced training techniques overload the body by allowing it to go further than a traditional set normally would. You can push past failure. With every method described below you’ll see this trend within every technique! Before we jump…


Brennen Elboeck

Learn How to Build Bigger Quads with These Quad Exercises!

For a truly incredible physique, you need to have a complete physique and the quads are no exception! Great quad separation along with striated quads can make for an insane look when showing off the wheels! Even if you just want more leg mass to fill in your jeans, this still creates that balance that…

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Brennen Elboeck