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How to Achieve Fitness Success and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Why can some achieve fitness success and reach their fitness goals time and time again and others can’t? Do these perplexing fit people just love what they do in the gym?

Or maybe they understand everything about fitness that you don’t. Maybe it’s some secret script you won’t be able to obtain.

Despite what you may think, this simply isn’t true. We all have days we don’t want to go to the gym, you also don’t have to be an expert to get into amazing shape!

I myself am a personal trainer and have helped many transform their bodies and habits. In addition to this I’ve created a strong, lean, proportioned physique that I maintain year round.

Within 3 ½ years, I’ve haven’t seriously deviated from my fitness routine. Missed workout days are rare and are usually caused by illness or other uncontrollable factors.

With that being said though, fitness doesn’t have to consume your life for your fitness goals to be met. You can still eat the foods you enjoy and don’t have to be in the gym five to seven days out of the week.

Up to this point, I’ve been able to build my physique by training only three days a week! Therefore, you can reach your goals and even enjoy the process!

In this article, I’m going to give you insight into the habits and mindsets of those that consistently set and crush their fitness goals to ultimately achieve fitness success!

Have a Strong Why to Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

Having a strong reason for why you are pursuing your fitness goals is at the foundation of achieving fitness success!

This is the ultimate motivator. Before you had set any fitness goals, this was what drove you to begin your journey.

It could be setting a better example for your kids, leading a healthier lifestyle, controlling your diabetes, and the list goes on.

I do happen to love fitness, and saw success initially in my fitness journey, but my why goes deeper than that. At the time in my life this happened, I was at a very low point. Seeing this success in something, and in something that came naturally to me was powerful for me.

Fitness served as a platform for me to tremendously grow from in other areas of my life beyond fitness. The constant drive to keep doing better in something, which translated into other areas of my life is why I pursue my fitness goals so heavily.

Prioritize Your Fitness Goals

I know this one seems obvious, but there’s a distinct difference between those that achieve fitness success and those that don’t.

Those that achieve fitness success make time in their schedule for training. Those that don’t, only make it when they can.

Therefore, you need to make the time for training and make it a part of your weekly schedule.

Visualize Your Fitness Goals

Visualizing your fitness goals is a powerful technique towards reaching your fitness goals.
Visualization and a strong focus on the goal your working toward will help towards reaching your fitness goals.

Consistently visualizing your fitness goal is a powerful mental tactic. Those that achieve fitness success know what their ultimate goal is and where they’re going.

This tactic has been shown to work and even researched! We actually reviewed one of the more well known studies because of how valuable it could be in helping you reach your fitness goals and all goals in general!

Essentially this study found that those who focused on the goal and not the surrounding obstacles reached their goal faster and with more motivation!

Stop Making Excuses if You Want to Achieve Fitness Success

Those that stay consistent and continue to achieve fitness success are aware of their situation. This self awareness provides clarity and allows them to be honest with themselves.

Sometimes life gets really busy, or something comes up, and yes it’s necessary to live your life. When you’re at home though, and skip the gym because you watched TV instead, you need to know that you could have gone and that next time you’ll do better.

Those that I know who achieve fitness success don’t make excuses for why they haven’t been to the gym. It’s just not in their language. Again, when life calls though, that’s not always in your control!

Also realize that it does take time to find honesty with yourself. Keep striving to do better, but don’t beat yourself up about it.

Schedule Your Workouts

It’s human nature to operate on a routine. Therefore, it’s essential to schedule your workouts on certain days and times of the week. This will help you to show up to your workouts more consistently and ensure that you’re productive too.

Being a personal trainer, I see this not only through my clients especially, but through those that are at the gym at the same time and same day every week.

These are the people that are thriving in reaching their fitness goals.

Track Your Workout Progress

It's essential to track your workouts to reach your body goals.
Tracking your workout progress serves as a motivational factor by seeing your progress. It also allows you to set new goals and know what to build off of.

Progress towards the goal/goals you have set is why you’re in the gym. Tracking your workout progress on exercises, circuits, run time, et cetera, ensures you have new goals to shoot for and also serves as a motivational factor.

I recommend tracking your workout in a journal, notebook, or specialty app.

Create a Workout Plan

There’s a great concept I learned a while back about the difference between exercise and training.

Exercising is going to the gym inconsistently without much of a plan. Training is going to the gym with a set plan and training to become closer to your set goal.

Training is key to reaching your fitness goals. Plans with deadlines help you to reach your goal as well in a timely manner and increases work ethic.

Understand the Fundamentals of Fitness

Working to reach your fitness goals does require a bit of knowledge to a degree! Before you freak out though, understand that this will come with time and there’s always resources and guidance for help.

Also keep in mind doing something is always better than doing nothing (as long as your practices aren’t extreme)!

A few fundamentals those that achieve fitness success understand is that:

  • Weight loss simply comes down to burning more calories than you have consumed. Quality of foods makes no difference although it helps.
  • 5 – 7 days in the gym a week isn’t necessary. You can train efficiently and typically less is better in fitness.
  • You must constantly challenge yourself with more more weight, new exercise choices, faster training times, et cetera. Becoming complacent will cause a plateau in progress.

As for guidance and resources, websites such as this one,, trainers at your local gym, and books make great options.

These are all free and low cost; unless you buy personal training. Trainers will typically answer basic questions you may have though.

Apply and Practice!

You can achieve fitness success and reach your fitness goals with hard work.
Working to reach your fitness goals requires hard work, but you can achieve fitness success just like many others if you keep pushing forward!

To achieve fitness success and reach your fitness goals, you’re not only going to go through a physical transformation, but a mental one as well. The two types of transformations are very closely related and both will have their fair share of growing pains along the way.

The habits, attitude, and work ethic you will develop will carry over to all other areas of your life!

Knowing this, you need realize it’s going to take time to physically change your body and your mind. You’re going to try things and fail. At times you may lose motivation, feel like you’ll never find the answer you’re searching for, and completely feel bogged down.

At the end of the day though, keep your goal in mind, keep your why in mind, and believe in yourself and your capability to get yourself where you want to go.

You can achieve fitness success and reach your fitness goals.

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