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Anyone can be on their way to building a natural physique fast and efficiently.

Building a natural physique fast and efficiently can be done by anyone with proper habits while only having to workout three days a week. Have you ever wondered why some physiques look so much better than others regardless of how many years someone has been training? Have you wondered how fitness models, actors, or physique competitors create a much more aesthetically pleasing build than the rest? The key is to have a strong  focus on what muscles you are building with proper fundamentals of training and diet. This is what truly creates a next level physique.

Backed by science and my knowledge of training myself and others I delve into vital training and nutrition information.

There is so much information in the world of fitness telling you how to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or obtain a killer six pack. You try these things out, and probably either don’t succeed, or, can’t maintain it. You remain frustrated, confused and information overloaded. This dense cloud of questionable fitness information is what we aim to clear.

What Does it Really Take to Build a Great Physique?

Most of us don’t want to take steroids, and loading up on supplements won’t make or break your physique! Thankfully though, us naturals still have a lot of potential and can make great muscle gains at a great rate!

Fitness magazines and pop-culture workouts commonly won’t be effective for the natural trainee because we can’t handle that much volume and grow past the beginning stages of lifting. Often these workouts are written by people who are on performance enhancing drugs or who used “buzz words” as click bait that mislead you into believing this was the holy grail of transforming your body when it really doesn’t line up with your goals at all!

Now sure, some steroid users are very knowledgeable and if they are also honest about their steroid use, that’s ok. The fake naturals though, set false expectations for all the natural lifters that they inspire. That’s wrong. They also have a larger margin allowing for programming errors while still getting results because of the performance enhancing drugs they take and this doesn’t translate to natural lifter.

We have to take a different approach. Training multiple times a day, 5 – 7 days a week with lots of volume will eventually bring your gains to a screeching halt!

Starting the journey of building a natural physique fast and efficiently can be so rewarding and truly transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and for some, spiritually. I believe fitness should be a lifestyle, a lifestyle that you rule and not the other way around. Before I dig deeper, let me introduce myself!

About Me

Hi! My name is Brennen Elboeck!

Founder of Focus Physique
Brennen Elboeck, Founder of FocusPhysique.com

I’m naturally a skinny guy with average genetics, here’s a picture of me with my natural body type and very limited weight lifting, I am the true definition of what you call an ectomorph!

This is the body type of an ectomorph. Their somatype is skinny with long limbs and a flat chest.
Me with limited weight lifting a year of wrestling.

I’m not the typical guy you would think to find immersed into physique building but, I am. I’ve got here completely naturally without a single supplement and am a strong believer in training three days a week. Here is a recent shot of the physique I have built.

This is my natural physique after two years of consistent lifting at three days a week.
Recent photo of my current physique

As a personal trainer, “I believe anyone can build a truly incredible physique and my goal is to do just that: Help you and hundreds of thousands more transform their bodies naturally and efficiently to their aesthetic goal while leading a happy and fit lifestyle that they are in control of.” 

Through the years I have tried out multiple fitness routines such as High Intensity Training (HIT), high volume training (training 5-6 days a week), crossfit, P90X, been involved in sports and much more!

When I first started getting serious about training, I used the typical 5 – 6 day a week approach with TONS of volume! Soon enough, my gains came to a halt and thankfully I was able to discover three day a week training! It made a world of difference for me and my clients! Now, this system is all I use for me and others with the goal to build an incredible physique!

Fitness is what I love and breathe!

This is a natural physique free of supplements. At three day a week workouts, anyone can start building a natural physique fast and efficiently.
Another recent photo of my current physique

My Philosophy

“Create a healthy mind in a healthy body.”


Creating your dream body takes more than just building muscle. The focus also needs to be on building muscle in the right places. A next level physique doesn’t have a huge chest and little arms. A next level physique doesn’t have big arms and no legs. To build a truly next level physique you need to have a strong focus on symmetry and proportions with proper conditioning. This can actually be done quite simply and be maintainable.

Along with this, it is possible to successfully start building a natural physique fast and efficiently. Now, let me ask you:

Why do you workout 4, 5, 6, 7 days a week potentially multiple times a day?

Why do you load up on expensive supplements? (when food has much more muscle building nutritional value)

Why do you do countless reps and sets of multiple different workouts?

The answers? With proper training three days a week is all you need. This is something I learned doing an old school form of bodybuilding/strength training (although I no longer employ it). I couldn’t make strength gains over three days a week. I then put this to use with my clients and it worked like magic. They made incredible improvements every workout!

Supplements and steroids are also unnecessary, pricey, and can leave you with a terrible looking physique or worse… serious health complications. Sure, some supplements do have merit behind them, but you need to take a knowledgeable, directed approach if you do decide to use them. I have chosen to not use muscle building supplements because many can lead to dependence and I don’t want my physique and strength to be dependent on a supplement.

There are pros and cons to all supplements and ultimately you should know that supplements will not make or break your physique.

Massive amounts of volume are also unnecessary. The focus needs to be on getting stronger on all movements, but especially compound exercises with an appropriate amount of volume and frequency. Many people will do extremely high volume workouts and as naturals this won’t be effective and this doesn’t force the body to adapt for long.

The trigger for adaptations in the muscle is triggered in the last few reps where you give it your all and get the extra reps, or added that extra five pounds. This is the a key if you want to be on your way to building a natural physique fast and efficiently.


It’s the repetition of affirmations that lead to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

                            – Muhammad Ali

A lot people find themselves in the lives they have today without a feeling of control in their life. A lot of people had their reality created for them by others, life experiences shaped their reality today. Allowing yourself to be open to new thoughts and get rid of old ones can reshape your life. Do you have an urge for something more in your life?

This is your true, inner self trying to shine through. Have you been struggling with making that change? Something in your life whether it be a past experience or strong sense of resistance is holding you back. You need to be open to the moment, to the present. Focus on the positive, search for and take in the love from the world around and take action! Break the habits, choices, fear, and resistance that is keeping you back from your true self. This is your life, own it starting now. You can make a change.

I’m a strong believer that if you want to change your situation you can with the proper actions. You are in control of your life. What you believe is what you can accomplish.

Remember, you can successfully begin transforming your life and building a natural physique fast and efficiently with some work and an openness to change in your life.




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